Bitter Cukes

I’m growing cucumbers in my GH, a pickling variety (H-19) and an fresh eating variety (Telegraph Improved). Pickling ones are great, but the eating/salad variety ones seem to be uniformly very bitter, no matter how deeply they are peeled. I think my watering has been pretty uniform, and the plant itself is doing great.

Thought I would ask here before I yank the plant if there is anything else I could try to get rid of the bitterness.

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Are you harvesting them when they are very young? If yes maybe you can add some shade clothe above the plants.

This is almost always a genetic issue. Toss the plant and get a variety that is rated for greenhouse growing as a slicer.


I have been harvesting them a bit on the big side, so I will try getting smaller ones.

Telegraph Improved is supposed to be a GH slicing variety. I’ve grown it before without this bitterness issue, so maybe it is just this particular plant. I had thought it might be a nutrient issue or something I could correct. That plant is growing extremely well.

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