Black Beauty in 7A, Richmond VA

I got my Black Beauty mulberry recently, and I was considering what to do with it. I’m not certain that it is going to be hardy in my 7a/7b location.

Anybody have experience?

there are at least two kinds of blac beauty mulberries being sold out there. If yours is an alba, then will probably be fine, but if a nigra, it could be a challenge(of course-- never say never!)

would you have a picture you can share?

It has no foliage. I got it from

the picture on that site indicates it is a true nigra. Incidentally, could still tell the possibility of it being a nigra(or not), even without foliage.

I didn’t know that. I remembers another post on this site talking about how it was hard to tell the mulberry species apart.

I’ll try to take a picture tomorrow.

Black mulberry is easy compared to alba.

Nigra is actually much harder to grow than alba or rubra if you’re back East like some of us Mid-Atlantic guys. Nigra usually dies out here. Rubra does alright (it is native here). Alba was imported from Asia and has since naturalized (invaded) and interbred with the local rubras.