Black Fry or Scarlet Muscadines

Anybody have opinions or reports on these two?

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Well, i decided to purchase a scarlet from bottoms. Ison didn’t have it. We’ll see how it performs.

I bought a Scarlet today and I know nothing about it.

Old thread here, but Scarlet is amazing. Tastes nothing like most other muscadines. I always thought a better name would be “cotton candy “ because that’s what the fruit tastes like to me.

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Glad to hear that because I’ve got one in the ground


Scarlet appears to have a very good fresh taste. Reports indicate that it is a low producer. How productive is your Scarlet?

A little stingy on production the first few years, but I had a bumper crop this year. Way more than I could eat by myself. Of course, it was a heavy production year for all of my muscadines. They usually avoid most late freezes, unlike most of my other fruiting plants.

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