Black ice hybrid plum

hey folks. planning to order this plum for my wife. read somewhere Nanking cherry can pollinate this hybrid, which i have 2. it has sand cherry in its parentage. does anyone know this for sure? i don’t really have the room for another plum but i guess i could graft another pollinator to it if i have to.

Descriptions say cherry plum X asian plum cross. You could always do the two in a hole or graft later. Look around, I bet there is somewhere to squeeze another in. If it doesn’t produce fruit it needs to go.

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I would get that one then graft Purple Heart to it.

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ill probably go the graft route but if my nankings do the job i dont have to. nankings are from Asia so thats why i think what i read must be true. i may graft anyway just to have variety. thanks guys!

is purple heart a good cultivar or just a good pollination partner? or both?

According to the reviews i have seen Purple Heart is the tastiest of the hybrids. I dont have it but want it… have not seen a bad review.

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When i lived up north, i had Toka to pollinate it. Toka was a pretty good plum as well, but Black Ice is better. I have no experience with Purple Heart.