Black ice request, not scott or matt?

sorry to pop this in here, was checking messages on my phone this morning and I would havce SWORN I had 2 requests from the Maryland area for black ice scions.

Was there someone besides Scott and Matt, and I lost their message somehow?

If so pm me

I sent you a follow-up message confirming I definitely would like to receive a stick.

Will get ya covered monday

If you are talking about the Black Ice plum, isn’t that under patent?

hmmm, not that I know of, it has shown up here in exchanges several times…I’d have to double-check that

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The name Black Ice may be under patent, but the plum tree as that name or the original Lydecker is not protected here in Canada.

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Singing Tree and Bob Purvis offer Black Ice. Vthey sell it, I buy fact, I bought Black Ice from both places.