'Black' Iris

Look at our black Iris! They’re actually black, with a bit of purple in the center.

Here Comes the Night



Nice. There are darker out there though, I forget the names.
Fir tree looks good…is it Douglas Fir?

Really! Do try to remember the name.

We bought Superstition years ago and was sorely disappointed. It’s nice enough, but definitely not black.


Awesome! Irises are my favorite flower. I’ve never seen any that dark, will have to try to find one.

I’ve grown the variety “Superstition” and love it. But I think the darkest I grew was named “Hello Darkness”…and this
was 20+ years ago.
(At the time I had up to 500 square feet of iris beds…but moved off and left them).

Some black or nearly black ones * “that probably didn’t exist back then” might be darker.
Such as::
Before the Storm
Anvil of Darkness
All Night Long
Black Suited
Black Is Black
Hollywood Nights
Black Tie Affair

Thanks for the list. I’ll check it out, especially Hello Darkness.
Forgot to mention, I have no idea what kind of Fir tree it is. It gets dark blue cones and it smells nice.