Black knot on plum

I was out looking through the orchard today and noticed some black knot on a plum tree 2 yr old branch today. Its pretty late in the year now, can I prune it out now or do I need to wait until late winter/early spring? I’d have to prune the 2 yr old branch back to the trunk.

I found some black knot on plums to this fall. I get rid of it as soon as I find it. Goes right into a trash bag.

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I seconded Mrs. G. I just found blacknot on my Parfume de September branch last week after all the leaves were gone. Cut the whole thing off and it went right into a trash bag.

Plums can be fragile as far as trunk wounds prior to cold temps go. The fungus is not active now so I recommend you wait till early spring- or leave a few inches of stub and finish the job then. Either way.

Okay thanks, ill wait until spring to deal with it