Black Persian Mulberry bareroot now available - One Green World

Black Persian Mulberry bareroot now available, 1/19/2023

Black Persian Mulberry - One Green World

Too bad the pic is not that of Morus nigra…

Email them. Maybe this year we can convince them to update their pictures.

Just did!!

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I wonder if anyone grows these successfully in pots. We used to have a variety of Morus Nigra called “Gelso della Regina” growing at one of our farms in central Italy. It was over 160 years old when we had the farm, up until 35 years ago or so. I couldn’t imagine growing that beast in a pot!

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I have morus nigra Black Beauty in a pot. Its been in a pot for over a decade and fruits for me yearly.

Other mulberries don’t like being potted as much as they quickly want to out-grow the limited space they’re given.