Black Raspberry and Invicta Gooseberry and more

I have made some black raspberry crosses and a 2nd one has emerged as decent. It is a Niwot x Jewel cross. At least I think it is? I did a number of crosses and I had some mix ups. Anyway I got my first summer crop off this primocane fruiting black raspberry. I was surprised how big the berries were for summer crop. And of a plant grown in a container.

I found the flavor to be excellent. Another keeper! I have not named it yet.
I did name Lynn’s Black and the berries are not ripe yet. It is rather late which is unusual. I need a few years still to evaluate both.
Last year I added Invicta Gooseberry. It is very thorny, but man those gooseberries are huge! Holy Moly! I tried one not quite ripe and I thought it was very good. I’m looking forward to when this plant is more mature. The fruit was crunchy and juicy, yummy!


I’ve grown raspberries for some time. A first this year, an albino plant! It probably will die, as I don’t see any green in it.

I also noticed Lynn’s Black is beginning to ripen it’s summer crop. The berries are even larger. Wow! I’ll take photos later.

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Lynn’s Black fruit size of summer crop of 2021


I heard the owner of the Niwot also crossed the berries somewhere. I forget if it was Bristol or Jewel they crossed it with. From what I hear Niwot’s primocane berries are not the best by themselves so I got my Bristol this year. I thought of buying Jewel at first but got Bristol instead because Nourse farms says Bristol is excellent on taste while jewel is a lower rating.

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my jeanne are pretty big but those are huge! heard poor mans are very big also.

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Those are really big for black raspberries. Either that or you have small hands, always hard to tell without something for scale.

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Lol I will use quarters in the future.

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It was Bristol. Pete gave me some of the seeds from the cross. I have yet to grow it out.

Yes! Here is some more photos of Lynn’s Black. Both have huge berries, about the same size.

Todays harvest of black caps (about 3 cups in a 4 cup container.) The plants still have a lot of berries, maybe half have been harvested in the last week.

These are summer crop berries. The fall crop berries are much larger.

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I’m trying to find a pomegranate that will do OK in a container here. I have had some fruit. One that looks very promising to me is Hyrdanar X Goulosha . Developed to be smaller and for high density plantings. Not sure how good the fruit is? Why I say promising is it grows slowly and this year is the first year it is flowering and it set one fruit already. Three others that flower set no fruit the first 2 times they flowered. I have had some fruit off of them, not much. This looks better. Plus with fruit now it has 3 months to mature before first frost. I store them with my figs in the attached garage. It never goes below 25F in there.
As you can see, this is not a big plant.