Black Walnut

Does anyone coppice black walnut? Assuming it’s done, i assume that you would loose at least several years of production. Anyone have experience with this?


as a child, the folks cut brush along the branch…and piled it on an area about 10 by 50 or 10 x 100 and burned the brush in the spring for a seed bed (mostly for tobacco plants)…

so black walnuts always grew back from the stump…but you lost both the nut crop and any potential useful hardwood, as fast growing sprouts made no substantial heartwood, just all sapwood.

makes decent firewood.


black locust would be the one to coppice. makes great tool handles, fire wood and rot resistant fence posts. grows back very fast.

To answer your question of why… There are several black walnuts on my place that are close to a power line. They’re still small enough that i can graft to them but I would have to keep them out of the power line.