Black Walnuts, hulled, cleaned.. what next?


So I just hulled and pressure washed clean some black walnuts in one of my air prune beds. Weather doesn’t warm up here in upstate New York for planting until April/May. I want to stratify these but not so early as to have them producing a radicle in January. How should I store them in the meanwhile to keep them viable until placing them in the fridge with peat moss for the winter?


Probably need to float test them first to winnow out poorly-filled or ‘blank’ nuts. But…crack some of the floaters, if you have any, to make sure they are actually empty - sometimes really thin-walled cultivars float, if dry, but the kernel may be well-filled.
I’d just store them in a ‘cool’ dry place… here, that’d be in a corner in the barn


If you crack them can you still plant them?


I didn’t crack the nut, only removed the green outer husk