Black Walnuts, hulled, cleaned.. what next?

So I just hulled and pressure washed clean some black walnuts in one of my air prune beds. Weather doesn’t warm up here in upstate New York for planting until April/May. I want to stratify these but not so early as to have them producing a radicle in January. How should I store them in the meanwhile to keep them viable until placing them in the fridge with peat moss for the winter?

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Probably need to float test them first to winnow out poorly-filled or ‘blank’ nuts. But…crack some of the floaters, if you have any, to make sure they are actually empty - sometimes really thin-walled cultivars float, if dry, but the kernel may be well-filled.
I’d just store them in a ‘cool’ dry place… here, that’d be in a corner in the barn

If you crack them can you still plant them?

I didn’t crack the nut, only removed the green outer husk