Black York Cherry Tree

Had to replace my cherry trees since a storm wiped them out, my local seller only had Black York trees, does anyone have any experience with them?

I bought one this yearand it already started with a couple flowers here in Delaware, 7a. The nursery where I got told me he likes it for our area and it is similiar to Bing. Other than that, I won’t know more till next year.


The 1 I bought had a couple flowers on it, I also was told it was good for my area in PA 6B, the tree came from a place in VA.

Black York is also called Eastern Bing because it has Bing-like characteristics but is better adapted to growing conditions of the east coast of the US and Canada. One of its parents is Giant, a cherry developed by Luther Burbank in 1900.

Giant has been called a very large cherry with Bing-like traits, but does anyone know whether or not Bing is actually a parent of Giant? How well preserved are Luther Burbank’s records?