Blackberries dead

My blackberries are completely dead. No signs of life from the soil. I figured if they lived through winter of 2013-2014 outdoors they would make it through any winter in NYC. Nope. They are in large pots and one was ouchita and one apach of Arapaho I believe. Interestingly, the raspberries left out in much smaller containers are coming back fine.
It stinks because they had phenomenal growth last year.

Any recommendations on ones to replace them with? I didn’t find these to be very sweet even after letting them hang pretty long.

Stuff left out in pots that far North doesn’t usually survive. If they were buried in deep snow maybe but above ground the temps get to cold. I’m sorry they died. To bad you couldn’t put them in a out building.

Yeah pots have to be protected. I put mine in the garage. Navaho, and Triple Crown are decent tasting thornless. Columbia Star is a trailing thornless that is good too. Many good thorny ones.
Triple Crown though is a big plant, but it should work in pots, it would just be smaller. Here is my in ground Triple Crown

I figured when they made it through 2 winters ago, they would be fine. I have always protected the raspberries and strawberries but left those out last winter also. Rasps are fine. Strawbs dead. I will also need to start protecting the pink lemonade BB as most branches had a few inches of die back.

At least I have a couple of open pots to get something new.

Drew did you protect the Triple Crown? Mine look to have died back to the snow-line. This is the first time I’ve seen any dieback from them, as we had a much colder winter than the past 4-5. We got down to -8 and -9.5 degrees, while past years haven’t gone under -3 or -4.

Yes, I covered the base with leaves, wrapped burlap around it, but that was really half-ass, it was mostly open. What I think saved it from -16F and most survived is having tank sprayed it with wilt-stop. Everything survived at least 70% that was sprayed. Chester was sprayed too

Wyeberry was covered in leaves. Dieback on the tips, but some canes made it whole

Natchez was sprayed

Columbia star and loch ness were covered and good. Same with boysenberry. Black Diamond died I think? All floricanes did anyway, and most of the tayberry died back, but has a couple 2 foot sections left. The white blackberries came through but are small. I expect a small harvest. Navaho was small but is fine too, also sprayed. I’m going to get a lot more berries than last year anyway! Most will go to jam, not that good. Columbia Star and Triple Crown for fresh, and the yield should be good!
I added Marion, newberry, and yellow cap black raspberry, Siskiyou also, but it looks bad, has roots, no growth though. All of these are very small. no decent yield for a couple years.

Raspberries are all excellent.

I’ve heard that Chester, Darrow, & Illini are looked to for cold-hardiness among blackberries.

Gotta keep 'em in the ground. Potted risks death by cold. Sorry for your loss. At least your rasps made it!

Nelson is another cold hardy one.

Here in Brooklyn all my in-ground small fruits survived with less than 10% winter kill, including my strawberries, raspberries and my southern highbush blueberries. I had some die back on some figs where the leaf covering blew off the top of the cage. For the majority of the winter my plants were covered in ~6" of snow from Jan 1 to about St. Pats Day.

Moley is your sweetcrisp in ground? What was the lowest temps?

Ah, I have had this problem. last winter I left 2 berries, Glencoe and Heaven Can Wait out in pots. 1 died (in 5 maybe 7 gal pot). the one that survived is in a much bigger pot, 10gals I think. I don’t know which is which as I lost the label. This maybe that one cultivar is hardier and pot size matters too.

I also have Hull in a 3 gal pot that was over winter properly. It survived but had some die back. Typically blackberries are not as hardy, only down to zone 6 (at least the one I have) I also have Canby and JoanJ raspberries in 7 gal smart pots which I did not protect. They survived yr after yr with some die back.

Also the pots that you have, the base will retain water esp if you have heavy snow fall and this will also add to the demise of your berries. If you want to keep them in pots you will need to over winter them properly. I posted my overwinter method under Brazelberry thread

As far I as know, if we keep plants in containers, we loose a zone, ie is plants are hardy to zone5 being in pots it would push the hardiness to zone 6. So the bigger the pots the better

I had one survive last winter in a fabric pot, a root pouch actually. We got to -16F. Seems it breaths or whatever? Seems to be a better option for outside pots.

All of my plants are in the ground my Sweetcrisp is against a north facing fence, the Jewels are a little further down against a western facing shed wall. Right before Christmas I packed the area with street tree leaves I shredded with the mower. I then put other un-shredded bags of leaves around it.

In the spring I remove the bags, and use the leaf blower to move all the shredded leaves, this has worked well for my figs and strawberry (no bags :wink: ).

Lowest I recorded in my backyard was 11f sometime in early February. I also had at least 6" of snow cover for most of the winter.

Thanks for the info, I want to know how cold Sweetcrisp can handle. that’s cool, as it doesn’t get that much colder in my garage. Outside here it got to -16F. probably a little too much for Sweetcrisp!
But it should do fine in the garage. It did last year. I did have a little dieback, but I think i caused it by putting it out too late! It started breaking bud in the garage too early. I will put it out earlier before it breaks bud next year. I just got too warm for it in the garage so it started growing before it should have.