I have a few acres of Natchez blackberries that were set in 2013. They were not maintained in 2020. When I purchased the farm in the summer of 21 we pruned and tied them to the trellis. This spring I noticed 50% or more were infested with cane borers. Should I fight these borers, set new berries in a different location, or give it a year with no blackberries? I have a site that could be planted about 1,000 ft from the current sites.

I’ve read many sources that suggest blackberries provide a good harvest for 20 years. However, two growers have suggested 10 years is the maximum.

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We have experienced a few outbreaks of Cane borers. We found they are not too difficult to control and spray in the early spring when we see a lot of borer damage when we prune. Bifenthrin which is one of the labeled chemical is inexpensive.

We estimate that 10-15 years is the productive life of a commercial Blackberry planting but we noticed that out new acre of blackberries is a lot more productive than our 15 year old planting

The spray guide for the Southeast discusses borers: