Blackberry Problem

Over the last few days, one of my blackberries has wilted. It’s gotten so bad the leaves on all the canes for that plant are turning ‘crispy’ and can be crumpled like a potato chip. I haven’t noticed any other major symptoms, although I’m not sure what to look for and the plant isn’t in the greatest shape (last year I was completely clueless. This year I’m only mostly clueless). The other two blackberries planted in the same container are doing fine, so I don’t know what to do besides just water it more.

Possibly cane borer damage, sometimes a portion of the cane gets rubbery or limp also. Check for a discolored circling or bore holes low down on the cane.


were they exposed to excess fertilizer? I know that can cause problems.

I don’t think so. Like I said, there are 3 blackberries in one pot. Only one is ‘crispyfying’ leaves and mostly new growth at that. It’s all the canes from that one plant and all at once. One week the plant was fine and a few days later I was standing there wondering what happened. I didn’t find any sign of borer damage starting from the tips. I suppose it’s possible that a borer started really low on a short cane and ate it’s way into the roots, but I haven’t had any borer damage before and I don’t know how to check near the roots without cutting every cane.

I’m guessing that too much soil got knocked out of the pot since the wind likes to tip it over, and some of the roots for the one plant got exposed. Either that or some root disease, since the crispy leaves are plant wide but only on that plant.

verticillium, anthracnose?

post a pic