Blackberry question

I received a few blackberry transplants last summer from a friend. She said they were not upright growers, but trailed along the ground. They showed that growth characteristic last summer. They pretty much died back to the ground this past winter. All the new growth this spring is going vertical (some new gowth is probably 3’ tall now) , which I would rather have. I figure at some point I will have to give them structural support to keep them vertical. my question is can I also top them off at a certain height with no ill effects? I am not sure how tall they will get but I dont want them any taller than 5’.

Most newly planted blackberries in the first season look like they are trailing. The second year you get a better idea of the growth habit. Most likely yours are either semi or erect based off what you have reported. It really is your choice as to how high up you want to snip off the top to promote side branches. I like to tip my erect at 3 or 4’. Good luck, Bill