Blackberry/Raspberry Hybrids - They any good?

Trying to figure out if I should try one of these guys:


Any opinions? I’m looking for something that’s hopefully erect, primocane bearing, thornless & different enough from your average blackberry or raspberry. I know… a lot to ask for.

I think most of those are thorny. Marionberry is thorny, trailing, and lack hardiness.

We are growing a Thornless Boysenberry and its very good.

We inherited loganberries with our property, and we really like them. They’re different enough from blackberries and raspberries to be their own thing, and they make an excellent jam and cobbler They’re pretty erect, but not thornless.

I like all of those, Logan and Marion in particular. But they are not happy in my hot summers and cold for them winters so I’m not growing them anymore… Tay did ok for me but I like it the least of those. The new Newberry is also excellent, but it’s also one that doesn’t work well in my climate.

I have enjoyed my thornless Logans, just finishing up a batch of sauce from last year’s crop.

I like them the most out of those, why it’s hard to suggest stuff, tastes differ so much. I liked that they almost taste like strawberries. I have heard many negative reviews of Logan, but not in this thread. I may have to try it. One not mentioned is the wyeberry, it’s not easy to find, it is a bigger boysenberry really. Very similar to boysen. Marion is more a blackberry, very good!