Blazingstar peach

I harvested my small crop yesterday. This is the first real harvest from this third yr tree, which suffered the loss of the smallest of four main scaffolds about 10 days before harvest, I think from raccoons in the tree (I caught 3 in traps under the tree over the next couple days). I think I lost about 2/3 of the rest of the crop to animals and brown rot. The peaches were very flavorful, sweet.


Those look fantastic, enjoy!

Blazingstar ranks as one of the top peaches in flavor, imo. It has some production issues in marginal weather, but the flavor is top notch in terms of the peaches I grow. Congrats.

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By production issues, do you mean fruit set in cold or frost? Or rain tolerance? Or something else?


It tends to have shy production mainly I think because of spring frosts, but it also may have something to do with winter hardiness. In the few good years we get here, it sets tons of fruit and is easily over-cropped. If over-cropped, it will punish you severely by giving golf-ball sized fruit.

Even though we had at least 2 nights of frosts (again) this year during the blooming season, I had to thin this one (and almost all other peaches) pretty drastically. I still think I left too many on as the fruit were a little smaller than my other trees.