Bloom time on Harvester, July Prince, Scarlet Prince, and Troy Peaches?

Looking into possibly adding some (or all) of these to grow here in Nashville, TN.

Do any of these bloom later than the others? With the late frosts being so hard on production I am looking to have a few “sure thing” producers growing here. Any info would be great!

Mine are just barely breaking dormancy(July Prince, Harvester)

If you need late bloom look at high chill hour peaches like Contender. Also a few others like Intrepid and Carolina Gold. These peaches were bred to avoid frost problems as much as possible.

Also, Red Haven is about 950 hours and often avoids frost here in my part of NC.


I looked at buying Harvester since the local Home Depot had it in stock. Clemson recommends Harvester for coastal areas in SC only which require less frost hardy trees. They did not recommend Harvester for the Piedmont area which require more frost hardy trees.

As an aside, for some reason, Harvester is always listed as a
freestone peach, but mine never is. If you want a freestone peach,
don’t get Harvester

Madison, Salish Summer, Veteran are usually listed as late-blooming peaches.