Blossom Blasted Trees Not Producing Fruit Years Later

I have a few trees that were affected by blossom blast and no longer produce flowers and or fruit years after.

A 13 year old apple tree produced fruit twice and then not fruit, not flowers for the past 5 years - 2 trees right next to this had very evident blossom blast ( one a crab tree, and another a plum that since died )

Two 5 year old pear trees are also effected. The pears produced a good amount of fruit 3 years ago, but the following year had blossom blast and now they have produced very few flowers, comparatively, that did not mature into fruit that did not wither and fall quickly.

This year the weather was quite nice and not conducive to blossom blast, so i assume this is a problem holding over from the prior years?

Are these trees done for now, or can i spray them with something to save the existing fruiting wood?

Any idea why the apple tree is not producing flowers, after having produced them frequently in the past, for years now? Also, will spraying the trees with streptomycin fix the problem, or are the trees are lost cause?

I’m no expert on this disease but I see your question has so far gone unanswered.

I checked out the information available from UC and Cornell, the latter is probably more relevant to your location. I’m reading that once the bacterium infects trees at a site that preventative spraying is required to control it.

Preventive chemical control of Pss can be achieved by a delayed-dormant copper spray (applied right about these several days ahead), followed by one to two streptomycin sprays applied during bloom, although, these must be applied before frost by anticipating predicted frost events based on weather forecast . Once blossom blast is visible, none of these spray materials will help in disease management, however, further spread of this disease cannot occur due to warmer weather after bloom that does not favor the bacterium.

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