Blossom pics from my place

I know there has probably been a blossom shot thread posted somewhere for this spring but thought I would add a few of my own. A"unknown" variety I am propagating for another individual though I think it could be “Geneva”. The blossoms almost looks tropical.

Maslin in my tall spindle row.

JNC in my tall spindle row.


Once I get moved into a house (the rest of my life house) I hope to build in a couple of years, I would like to custom graft some ornamental crabs for landscape trees. It would look cool to alternate branches with a white flowering crab and something pink like Prairie Fire.

These “baby” Adirondacks would make container trees on a deck if the blossoms lasted a couple of months instead of a few days!


I can imagine there in Nebraksa like here in Iowa, you get a day with a strong wind and the ground is covered with apple petals. Such an splendid, but fleeting, sight.

Yea too bad apples werent wind pollinated we would have a dandy crop every year! Yesterday was the first day I have seen bees working the trees and even at that it was only a couple of solitary bees and a bumble bee. Conditions were ideal around 70 degrees, sunny and very light wind most of the day. Today we are back to 25 mph winds for the entire day.

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