Blossoms on Newly Grafted Scion

I have 10 or 12 newly grafted apple trees that have developed blossoms on the scion wood. I have pinched off some and some I have left on. Which is the right thing to do? And will they have any effect on the success of the graft?

Pinch the blossoms off, the bud will revert to a vegetative one and continue scion growth.

I did get an apple from one last year (see this post for details), but I wouldn’t reccomend keeping the flowers unless you have other grafts of this variety which make it superfluous.

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Applenut, (Kevin?),

Welcome! You are awesome. I learned how to graft by watching the videos you’ve posted online. Many thanks for generously sharing your knowledge with complete strangers. It’s inspiring.


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I have several Gold Rush scions from @auburn that I grafted onto my frankentree, and two of them have put out buds already. I clipped them off right away and am keeping an eye on the rest.

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