You will have to use your imagination to see the bowl of blueberries that should be filling this spot.

I picked the first bowlful of blueberries from our bushes today. Was going to have someone snap a pic so that I could post it here. I had a bad case of lack of self control and ate most of them. Then felt guilty and shared the last bit.

Too bad I can’t even share the pic with the rest of you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :fork_and_knife:

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It is what it is. My Grands picked my premier berries and they never touched a bowl.

I have that same problem with black raspberries but have never felt very guilty

The only reason that I felt even a little bit of guilt was because these were the first ones that I was even going to let them know were ripe. I’ve been picking the very first ones for a few days and just popping them straight into my mouth. When I brought those into the house I was letting the secret out. Heh heh heh.


Here are some O’Neal I picked on Wednesday:

They don’t have the purple juiciness of rabbiteyes, but they were very sweet.


Oh, yum! They look fully ripe and delicious.

I picked a quart of ripe berries yesterday, and didn’t go anywhere near the bushes today. Tomorrow, though,their break time will be over.

Can’t wait. Mine are coming along, not really colored up yet but on the way. Week or less maybe for Patriots? Got them caged ‘n’ netted today, and proudly overengineered it all is. Looks like a bumper crop! I had one young plant get stem blight I think from cold damage but the rest are cooking with gasoline. Go blueberries!

nice cage

Thanks Auburn! Old Intex pool framing is just the best for Macguyver-ing things with.

Wow. Gorgeous berries.