Blueberry advice please

I just picked up 50% off on 1gal blueberries at a big box store. 2 Duke and 2 Jubillee. They are pretty scraggly as you might expect. I gave them a shot of some acidifier since they were pretty yellow looking. They will stay in the nursery till fall then I will probably plant them out. Question: do they need to be pruned back? They are quite leggy. Never raised blueberries so looking for some advice.

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I don’t start pruning young Blueberry plants until they are a few years old,maybe even five.
If there is some dead wood, that can be


First thing I’d do would be to ‘up-size’ them to a 2 or 2.5 gallon pot…with a bit of new dirt under and around these newly acquired plants’ roots. Real garden soil or a mix of MiracleGrow garden soil and real dirt from the garden or field.
Just telling you what I actually did last weekend. *(I used real soil from a river bottom, mixed with a bag of quality topsoil from the garden center.) I just used a bit of slow release golf course fertilizer high in N, and no acidifier as the soil I used is around 6.5 pH already.

Will give a little Holly Tone or Sulphur at some point … probably late winter.

Place the new plants in partial shade to full shade, and water every week for rest of year.

Plant out in the garden or bed in 2020 if you are ready.

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