Blueberry Are Reviving

I had two rows of blueberry bushes for several years. The plants at high ground are doing really well, but the ones in the middle and lower ground were doing poorly. I even lost two plants. So I believe it is the more on the drainage side.

So I transplanted most of them to a different location. Then I applied acid food (have to check the label) last fall and this spring. Now all the transplanted plants are doing well. A couple of them send new growth on really old grey colored hard wood.

For the weak plants, I’m going to remove all flowers and let them grow the top. Looking for another good season with my large blueberry bushes.

Blueberries are a tough grow for me. Mine have been in the ground for nearly 5 years and are still tiny. They are in well drained acidic soil and they just have no vigor. I’ve been using root tone for acidity plants. I transplanted one last year and the root mass was still very small. Maybe I’m missing some type of nutrient.

Well, blueberry is still easier to grow than gardenia :smile:

But it does need the proper moisture and right PH. The roots are very sensitive to moisture. I think the standing water after rain (one day or so) hurt them more than the PH.

They need regular nitrogen to grow rapidly. Right pH, moist soil, and plenty of nitrogen are key to rapid growth. They are capable of one foot a month.

I just try to get the condition right, step by step. I normally do not apply synthetic fertilizer, but more with compost. Will figure out some way to add some nitrogen.

Same here with the high ones growing better than the lower ones. I pulled the fruit off two of the low ones and added nitrogen and left over sulfur from my spray bottle. They are are growing much better now. We also have had a lot of rain. Who knows for sure what makes them tick? Not me for sure. Bill

Just wonder if human nitrogen is good for blueberry…

I would say yes, but diluted.

What do you use for nitrogen. Mine to seem to just sit
and not grow. They fruit but won’t grow.

I use ammonium sulfate if pH is on high side. Urea if pH is low enough. There are many other sources just avoid nitrate nitrogen.

After a soil test PH of 5.0, I’ve fed them ammonium sulfate twice at
6 weeks intervals, and they still just sit there.

Pots are a different ballgame. But if I want rapid growth It’s nitrogen at least once a week.

I hardly fertilize my plants. Maybe I should start now…