Blueberry bushes turning purple, what's wrong?


I amended a raised row for planting blueberries, by mixing in peat moss and mulch into a clay soil. I had to add a lot of sulphur to lower the ph. I did that last fall and planted the blueberries this spring.

Two days after planting my blueberries the green leaves have turned purple, even the stems went from green to purple. Some (not all) of the baby leaves have a thin black edge that’s curling.

Is my soil too acidic or is it something else?

It could be acidic, or still basic. Only way to know is to test soil.
Sounds too acidic, but who knows? I ran into this in pots, and once plants are hit with heavy acid, it’s hard to save them.

Hi Janet,
What’s the temperature there?Can a picture be posted? Brady

The dark edges concern me. I have seen this in extreme acidic environments. btw Brady Spartan is taking and in a raised bed, looks to be doing really well.
Yes, mine are finally turning green. They do turn red in cold temps. Mine just started turning green. A couple don’t have leaves yet. Just coming out now.

Amending limestone clay soil for blueberries is almost impossible. Ive tried a few times. Better to grow them in raised beds or containers IMO. I put mine in grow bags from buried containers this spring and they seem to be happy.

It won’t be the pH in just two days. And pH that’s too low results in small chlorotic looking leaves not black edges. Salt burn could show up in two days. Cold soil in two days, maybe.

That’s what I do and my soil has a pH of 6.5, but I gave up. Like throwing salt in Lake Michigan, it’s not going to turn it to salt water, way too big! [quote=“fruitnut, post:6, topic:11104”]
It won’t be the pH in just two days.

OK, well my next thought is fertilizer burn or as you say salt burn. I have seen that too, black edges on fertilizer burned plants. I myself am going to stop using Ammonium sulfate, it’s just too easy to mess up.

I thought it might be fertilizer burn but this started happening to a potted guava of mine as well that was growing fine without any new leaves having black curled edges. Forum members said it was sunburn, I’ve since moved the plant out of the sun but some of the new growth still has these black edges. Never had them until I recently but it outside for the spring. Did not fertilize or change the potting medium. I don’t even know what to do since I never changed anything.

Then I noticed the same thing happening to my blueberries. Entirely different circumstances and environment, so I’m confused. Sent off a soil test today since I hadn’t done that since amending the last one.

Keep us updated. Maybe herbicide drift? It is a little strange.