Blueberry Mystery

Several years back I put in 15 blueberry plants. About 5 were pink lemonade and the rest are common trade varieties.

Since then the pink lemonade has done great. The others, 4 have died and the rest look pitiful. Why is the pink lemonade doing so great while the others are dying and struggling?

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The pink lemonade hybrid - like the Sunshine Blue hybrid, are more adaptive to a range of climates and soils.

You may be right. I want to replace the dead ones, but don’t want to waste money. Might give the Sunshine Blue a try.

If you like the pink ones, Pink Popcorn produces excellent fruit.

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maybe your climate was too warm if you planted northern high bush varieties. believe pink lemonade has s. highbush in its lineage. probably why it did better than the others. i have one and it froze to the snowline last winter. its grown back to 2ft. now.

pink popcorn is z3 hardy. might not do well in z7.

I’m thinking Richard was going in the right direction. All of them should have been fine. The regular ones I guess are not liking the soil here while the hybrid is loving it. Love the pink lemonade, so glad they made it.