Blueberry planter


Richard. Is the lot next door to you for sale? I’m moving to California. Seems you guys can grow ANYthing - and it thrives! I’m so jealous! I have had so many different varieties of Blueberries, here in 7B. Chandler. Toro. Reka. O’Neal. Blue this - Blue that. Coddled them. Let them ‘rip’. Tried all sorts of things . . . and they just seem to kind of struggle along. Sigh.
I know someone who is one of those people that says things, casually, like, "Oh, we have great blueberry bushes! We put them in awhile ago . . . never prune or do anything to them - they are huge, now, and we get TONS of berries. " Maybe I’m paying too much attention to them?


I have two O’Neals and two Monrovia Sunshine Blues in the same raised bed. The latter are growing well but the O’Neals have lackluster growth – although strangely covered in flower buds at the moment. A colleague of mine a few miles south in Encinitas has them in pots and they perform beautifully. :slight_smile:


Yeah. OK . . . but what about that lot? :smile:
I think I’ll give the O’Neals one more summer - and then replace them with another variety, if they don’t come through! Thanks, Richard.


There’s one for sale down the street. :slight_smile:


Lately we’ve been harvesting about 20 a day :slightly_smiling_face:

The 1/4 acre home 3 doors down the street just sold for $475k.



Today’s harvest



Today’s 1.5 cup blueberry harvest from a single Sunshine Blue bush :heart:


From Janet …



Those Dosatron injectors are some nice stuff.

Does each injector feed a separate growing space with specific needs like PH and nutrients?


Yes. There’s three separate automated networks of fertigation pipes. One goes to the tuber bed and adjacent artichoke planter. The second goes to plants with serious acid requirements in both the front and rear of the house. The third goes to everything else: fruiting plants, herbs, and butterfly/hummingbird gardens – the latter being a matter of convenience because they are within the realm of the “fruit” network. I also have a 4th non-fertigated network which tops off the water in our 3 bird fountains twice a day. :slightly_smiling_face: