Blueberry pollination help needed zone 6 Coastal Massachusetts

Hi! My brick built in planters are almost ready (look like bomb shelters) for my blueberries. I want to make sure I have matched the right pollinators for my blueberries: ( some I already have planted in my yard)

Patriot x O’Niel x Early Blue (for planters)

Eliot x Chandler x B&B Jellybean (these tastes so good)

Top hat x North Country (I like small fir landscape)

Also: I would love to see what your bb look like before leafing out, I would love Fall photos too.
I love the red and yellow sticks. In zone 6, they mine have not woken up yet.

Thank you to everyone for helping create the soil recipe. I found pine bark nuggets in upstate New York and just drive 6 hours with 9 bags in my car!


Concrete leaches anti acidity lime into the soil. You may need to compensate with sulphur or foliar feed with micros.

You really got me worried now. The guys out there just filled the bottom up to the cement blocks with gravel. Should I line the sides to prevent the cement between the bricks from seeping in? I kind of like to have the clay bricks breath.

No Just keep on top of the PH

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