Blueberry SHB Tasting in Zone 9b - San Jose

Finally got to do a side by side tasting with a few SHB varieties!

Sweetcrisp: like everyone mentioned, it’s spherical, crunchy and sweet! My bush is still small, so I need to wait next year but the there wasn’t much flavor to it. (Got it from a not so reputable place, so I wasn’t sure if they sent the right variety, but based on the description it seems like Sweetcrisp)

Emerald: dime sized berries in a small plant! But takes two weeks after turning blue to develop sweetness. Otherwise pretty bland. (Photo below)

Springhigh: I am not sure if this is a Springhigh plant but it was soft and had a distinct almost non blueberry flavor, without much sweetness. I need to wait next year to get a good measure.

Southmoon: This is a bigger plant with tons of berries- overproduced with lot of small berries. The big ones I tasted were really good - very sweet and an excellent flavor - especially when left to ripen for a week. It also seems to have a long harvest season. I haven’t really figured out how to pick the berries at the right time to get the best taste.

Sunshine Blue: lost most of its blooms, but the new berries it had were good. Good blueberry flavor, sweet and mildly tangy. It’s a milder version of Southmoon

Southmoon is my favorite so far. Emerald is good just for its size, but need to see if can get sweeter.

I will do a similar test next year, as some of these plants get bigger.

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Thanks for sharing! I brought two southmoon during my trip to sacramento recently and sure glad I did! It tasted nice and brought it on our flight back to Texas hahaha. Are you growing these in containers or in ground?

Container, in a 5-1-1 mix. It’s a vigorous plant and this year I will have to do some summer pruning to keep it contained.

At my location the Sunshine Blue has improved in flavor, size, and production over the years. The O’Neal had size and flavor from the beginning but has matured somewhat grudgingly in the climate. I recommend it highly.

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