BMSB predator wasp found in Maryland 👍

Good news, the BMSB wasp predator T. japonicas has been found in the wild in Maryland.

This wasp is known to eat stinkbug eggs but has been in quarantine in the US. It didn’t break out of quarantine, it came via some other channel - its genetically different than the quarantined batch.

Now all I need to do is get a few in my orchard :smile:


PS there is an article in Good Fruit Grower this month about it which clued me on to this.


Hope they very quickly fly due west to Allegany county. I have to wonder if someone didn’t introduce them.

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Yeah, they were found in Vancouver, WA also :slight_smile: The wasps parasitize the BMSB eggs.


YEAH !!!


Send them here! The damn bugs are crawling all over my house!

Do they prey on all kinds of stink bugs? Squash bugs?

There are other wasps that parasitize native stink bugs.


I had a stinkbug problem on my tomatoes this summer, but in mid August I found a swarm of tiny wasps in their place. So I am pretty sure there is some parasitical stinkbug wasp on my property now :+1: Hopefully the following summer I will have fewer of them. This year they were not bad except on a few pear varieties which took a lot of damage.