Board Picture Posting Instructions Please

Good Morning from Brushy Mtn, a bright and brisk morning. I’m going across the gap to collect some scion wood from AHW this morning. The brothers are threatening to push out the few remaining Brushy Mtn LT trees…their grow-out cattle operation is less work and more $'s return, and, those guys are not too far behind me in age, maybe 10 years. They are good with a pencil and made a good farm decision, but what about all the old stock?

What I need as a new member are instructions for posting a few pictures in a post. I would like to post some of the in-ground field cultivation for new grafts and whips.

Have looked in the site instructions but sorry, I’m an old guy and often miss where I put my hat.


Click the red circled icon, find your picture, and it will load it right up.

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I think there are limitations on how many pictures recently joined members may post - it may just be one per post at first.

And I’ll take this opportunity to suggest that some people do get carried away with the number of photos they include! Personally I appreciate it when folks avoid repetitious and redundant posts. (A good tutorial, however, may need several shots to adequately show all the steps.) I think @scottsmith has said that there are some demands placed on the site by all those photos. Maybe he’ll enlighten us.


As @marknmt said, as a brand new member you will be limited to the amount of photos you can add. As you read and participate a bit more, your ability to add pictures will be active. Welcome to the forum!

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Got it, thanks. Off to the orchard to collect some wood. Waited long enough this morning not to get dew/frost on my boots.

I don’t have many pics to share, a few that may be of interest are specific to the planting system used here since the 1980’s…with success. One or two pics will tell the story.


Pertaining to grafting…I have a number of 3 year trees in black pots…and many more recently. You don’t absolutely need a place immediately to plant out your freshly grafted
rare apples.

The system I use is far more better than plastic, they don’t circle or root bound. It can be used above ground on a pad or, I’m in ground. A bit more front end planning/effort, but a superior product for multi year grow-out, “digging” and shipping. And boy what a root structure. Used this for years in the dogwood/maple blocks large caliber dia.

I used plastic squats up to 5 gallons in the 96ft cold frame/house to keep cost down of the multi season perennial hold-overs. Multiple re-potting and root pruning in plastic…pita.

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