Bob Vance Rocks!

Thanks Bob, Your the best!


I second that!

Third that!

What new great thing did Bob do? I fourth that, whatever it is.

I assume it was the scionwood I’ve been sending out over the last week or so. Other than that, I’ve just been digging more holes for trees I couldn’t resist. :blush:

You’re very welcome Phil.


Ah, that’s right. You were “Scion Man” this year. Well done :slight_smile: And I feel your pain. Dug my 6th hole this weekend. I swore to myself I would not buy one single more tree, unless it was to replace something. I have to stop lying to myself.


Heck yeah I got some too! And other things too. Bob is super generous!

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Thanks Bob!!!

Thanks Bob!

Thanks Bob

Thanks Bob!

The man is not only generous with scionwood, he is very kind and patient with his advice.

Bob, I am considering moving next to you so you don’t have to mail me anything :grin:


Thanks Bob! Just got your scion wood!

I’m reserving judgment on Bob until after I receive my scions. <-wink->

Funny you should say that Bart- the peach wood is fine, but as the apple wood was a bit thin, I tried to make up for quality with quantity. I didn’t thin my apples enough this past year, so most didn’t have any thick new growth. Hope it works out.

Sounds good to me- I was just thinking that I had a couple plants I’d be happy to give away, but are too large to ship. I’ll have to find someone locally who wants a serviceberry and I’ll probably replant the two elderberries at a different site, if I manage to dig them up. Though I’d be very happy to give then away to someone who would do the digging :grin:

I have to stop lying to my wife.


Agreed. Bob is a good dude!


Don’t worry… SHE ALREADY KNOWS . She is just toying with you.

Just like that cat that just plays with the mouse for a time before…

( I know… I tried… I got so busted… she has a new pocketbook!!!)


Thanks Bob for being so generous.

Totally agree, Bob is awesome!