Bonide fruit tree spray burned foliage

I used some bonide fruit tree spray the other day, which isn’t typically my preferred spray but since it contains Carbaryl, I used it to try to knock out a heavy infestation of Japanese beetles. That seems to be the only thing that kills them for me.

I’m not seeing fairly significant folier burn on a lot of my trees, especially apples. What gives?

What was the temperature when and shortly after you sprayed?

I’ve experienced the same with this product on both apples and pears and stopped using it. Carbaryl is used to thin fruits on apples (it causes drop) and that may be another reason to not use this on apples.

It was near dusk. About 79°, dropped to 65 overnight, 90 next day.

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Captan can burn tender young apple leaves. I don’t think Bonide has carbaryl any more, does it? At any rate, I know that Captan can burn foliage when sprayed during a wet grey spring but apple growers don’t care because they sell apples and not leaves. That looks like a very minor set-back.

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I don’t know about the new formulation, but this bottle has been sitting in my shed for about three years.

Well as I survey the trees, it looks like it’s one of those things that looks worse than it actually is.

Since it’s been several days and most of the foliage is still green and turgid, with basically just a few burned tips, I don’t think from a photosynthetic standpoint it’s going to impact harvest.

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