Botryosphaeria Dothidea - What do you know about it?

My Mac and Empire tissue sample came back as having Botryosphaeria Dothidea. There are these rots happening under the bark of the trees on the scaffold limbs and it makes the bark kind of like tissue paper. leaves suffer from chlorosis then fall off.
Will this kill my trees? what should I treat it with?

Not sure about treating the trees, but its called “bot rot” and its common in NC. The disease produces a rot on the fruit called white rot that can be controlled with Captan and probably other fungicides. The disease invades dead branches especially those impacted by fireblight.

On my apple trees it isn’t invading dead branches, it is actually invading alive branches and killing them. first the leaves turn yellow, then they fall, you start seeing blotches on the branches and then the blotches start to flake like paper bark

Lucky you have a solid diagnosis. I have seen it on my apples along with other fruit rots, but never noticed it on the trunks. From what I understand its also common on certain ornamental plants and on dead wood in the orchard area which may be the source of your infection.

It has the potential to defoliate the trees, but I’m not sure if it could kill them. To be safe, I would spray the trees ASAP with Captan. Penn State rates Captan and Pristine as excellent for the disease. Pristine is very expensive. Captan may be available in something cheaper than than the standard 5 pound bag, but I have only purchased it in 5 pound bags.

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