Branch tips dying & breaking

Seems I come here with questions a lot.
Here’s another.
What’s with the tips of many branches on many trees of all types, fruit trees and otherwise, looking like they’re dead and breaking off all by themselves.
The tips have the same appearance as fire blight.
Doesn’t seem to affect the rest of the tree.
Never noticed it other years.
Anyone seeing the same thing?

Where are you?

Did you happen to have cicadas this year?

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oh hell yeah.
I didn’t think they did stuff like that.

Those pictures are all cicada damage. The top one is a stock photo, the rest are my own.

It has to do with them laying their eggs. They cut slits in the branches and insert their eggs into them.

Clever bastards.
I thought they were strictly ground creatures for their eggs.
I would think the eggs in the branches might not survive winter temps.

The eggs hatch before summer is over. Then they go down to the ground, and burrow themselves in to live there for 17 years.

This is an oak I have which got hit pretty hard, but is now sending out new growth.

I should have read about this before but I only just now checked it out.
I didn’t see anything about spraying to try to kill the nymphs before they start dropping to the ground.
I wonder what the effectiveness of sprays would be. Any idea?
Thanks for the info.