Branches Exploding with Sap

I recently pruned a few of my newer plum trees (now 2 years old ) and some of the branches ( 1 year old) near to the end where they were pruned, have split lengthwise (maybe 1/2 inch ) oozing with clear sap. The split doesn’t start at the pruning cut but is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch away. The same thing is happening on a newly planted cherry were it was topped off ( and this variety is resistant to canker ) I don’t think that it is canker, etc. but rather just an overabundance of sap flowing that made the branch burst?

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@YumYumTrees … can’t say I have ever seen or heard of that happening.

You would think the sap would just flow on out the tip where you pruned it. I guess unless that cut healed and sealed quickly.

I pruned my grape vines a week or so ago and they always weep quite a bit for a couple days… but then they stop and lots of new growth starts.

Good luck on your issue… hope the trees are OK despite that.