Breba figs

What is the consensus on breba figs? Am I better off removing them and letting the plant better grow into the new year (these are all on potted figs). Or, are they worth letting them grow?

Do they sap resources from the plant?

I’ve got at least 6 varieties pushing breba (no Desert King), mostly Mt Etna types and such.


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Desert King does very well in most of the Puget Sound lowlands. As long as they get plenty of sunshine and have a warm site.

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That is not one of my many figs…

I’m in SE Michigan


Most Etna’s shed breba’s some exceptions. I’m sure they require some resources. My Fort Mill Dark has 16 on it! Yikes! I think a couple fell off, still double digit breba. Impressive! I’m leaving them.

My St Rita has 9. Most of my others only have 1-2.

The St Rita’s are the biggest as well.


I have St Rita too, I have to look at it. I went out and looked at Fort Mill Dark and it looks like a few more are gone. Not sure what happened? They probably aborted, those left are growing well…

What are a few good Fig varieties
For cooler regions.
I know Desert King is everywhere up here, but I would like to try something different.
We have a long, but cool growing season.