Breeding Nectarines with Apricots


Any updates?


Has anyone created a nectarine x apricot, peach x apricot, or aprium x peach hybrid?

I want to see what the foliage looks like.


I also collected two seeds from Flavorella plumcot that I pollinated with Desert Delight Nectarine. They should be germinating around early October.


I was wondering how true to seed are pluots? Or apricots? I believe i have tlor-tsiran apricot x Superior plum seeds from my apricot and was thinking of keeping some in fabric pots and trying to grow them. Do you think they would be liable to make decent fruit? The apricot is a P. armeniaca X P. cerasifera naturally occuring cross and looks like a apricot with more of a plum bark.


Leaves on pluots from seed tend to favor the pollen parent. I have one pluot that was pollinated by a peach and has peach leaves and small peach-like fruit. I have another pluot that was pollinated by a plum and has leaves and fruit like a plum.


Do you have any pictures?


The seedlings parentage will be 75% plum, 25%. I would give it a 50/50 chance that you will get something decent out if this cross.


The Nectarcots.



I’ve yet to taste a pluot or see a pluot tree that carried any apparent traits of an apricot- visually or taste-wise.

I’ve often wondered if they even have cot genes. If the cot genetics were an essential component to breeding them I understand why it was done, but the best of them don’t seem much an improvement over Elephant Heart, except varieties that get extremely sweet while still quite firm.

Possibly the main benefit is the marketability of novelty- even if it is only conceptual and not apparent in the actual product.

Apricots and peaches seem closer relatives, but the differences are what make them valuable as separate species to me. However, if you create something truly new, and pluots are actually something new in how some get sweet while still crisp, I’d love to try growing it.


Sure look peachy


It might be a hybrid or it might not it might not be a hybrid. So the only way to find out whether it’s a hybrid is when it starts producing fruit and the fruits will start looking different from standard Nectarines.

But what keeps my hopes up is this peach x apricot hybrid named Honey Sun. The foliage resembles like a peach, but it’s a peach x apricot hybrid.


Interesting. Can’t find too much info about it. Do you have one, or are those just pics you found?

I have the Bella Gold Peacotum, picked one up in an order last spring. I figure it’s probably more of a novelty than a novel fruit, but fun to try anyhow. I love apricots and am very interested in interspecifics, but so far I’ve never tasted an apricot hybrid with a lot of apricot character/flavor. I imagine some day crossing fruit with apricot and then back crossing with cots until I get a fascinating alter-apricot, but the reality is I’ll never have that kind of patience. I have some interesting Blenheim seedlings that are now about 10 years old and producing, but I can’t imagine another 10 year wait.


They are pictures that I found. It’s sold in European Countries as “Honigpfirsich ‘Honeysun’ ®.”


The only way to find out is we should backcross Flavorella plumcot, as the seed parent, with a plum, as the pollen parent, and wait until produces fruit to see if it would look and taste like plum or it would retain some apricot traits.


Sounds interesting, but I’m afraid that this is just another “all about money” case. I can’t see anything apricoty in this variety - fruit, seed, leaves, twigs, bark they all look like pure peach.
After some googling found this:
which led me to this:
I have no any doubts that this variety is a pure peach.

Another similar case is with the ‘Aprimira’ variety that is claimed to be European plum x Apricot hybrid. Many well known nurseries sell it as a hybrid, for example:

While actually it’s a plum with some apricot flavor in it.


What’s your experience with Plumcots?


They can be very good, but to me they’re just another type of plum. Plums are so varied, while apricots don’t change that much from cultivar to cultivar. It could be that I pigeon-hole apricots as something specific but allow huge latitude for what constitutes a plum.


Sorry it takes me ages to sift through the photos on my phone. This tastes all apricot to me with more tart they were small but alot of my stone fruit was smaller than normal and late and this was there first year to fruit (First year superior bloomed) so its hard to tell what would be normal for it.


Unlike the peach x apricot hybrids shown above, there’s a Nectarine x apricot hybrid sold by Collins Orchards (fruit) that do have hybrid appearance, however the leaves resemble like those of apricot leaves. Thus, this could either be apricot x (apricot x nectarine) hybrid or just apricot x nectarine hybrids but with apricot leaves been dominant over Nectarine leaves.