Breeding Nectarines with Apricots


Any updates?


Has anyone created a nectarine x apricot, peach x apricot, or aprium x peach hybrid?

I want to see what the foliage looks like.


I also collected two seeds from Flavorella plumcot that I pollinated with Desert Delight Nectarine. They should be germinating around early October.


I was wondering how true to seed are pluots? Or apricots? I believe i have tlor-tsiran apricot x Superior plum seeds from my apricot and was thinking of keeping some in fabric pots and trying to grow them. Do you think they would be liable to make decent fruit? The apricot is a P. armeniaca X P. cerasifera naturally occuring cross and looks like a apricot with more of a plum bark.


Leaves on pluots from seed tend to favor the pollen parent. I have one pluot that was pollinated by a peach and has peach leaves and small peach-like fruit. I have another pluot that was pollinated by a plum and has leaves and fruit like a plum.


Do you have any pictures?


The seedlings parentage will be 75% plum, 25%. I would give it a 50/50 chance that you will get something decent out if this cross.