Bright’s Hybrid 5 rootstock for hobbyist?

The description of Bright’s Hybrid® #5 sounds like an absolutely perfect rootstock for stone fruit in Phoenix. (high alkaline tolerance, drought tolerance, deep roots, nematode resistance)

Anyone have experience? or know an even better option? …and… where the heck does a hobbyist buy this? I’m only finding it at wholesale, nursery-to-nursery sites.

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If I remember correctly, @amadioranch who is also located in the Phoenix area grows all his peach trees on the Hansen rootstock.

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ah! That could work. Problem is, I’m an individual - not a commercial grower. I only see Burchell Nursery offering trees on Hansen 536, out of California… to commercial growers. None of the rootstock that are best for this area are grown on commonly enough for individuals to find them. Just Nemagard, which has issues in our area.

Know it’s late, but BH5 does well in san antonio area, and we can go months without rain. If you have a water sand within the top 20-30’ you could probably get it established to a point where you didn’t need to water it?