Bringing tree seedlings inside, grow light concern

I’m bringing in one of the Ume fruit that I started this year but it’s already taller than the grow light that I have. Should I just prune it down? I’d like for the future tree to be short with open branches anyway.

Or would this be a good excuse to just go ahead and get a grow light to hang above? Any grow light suggestions? In my limited research it seems like broad spectrum LED lights can be good value and very long lasting.

Here is the little Ume

I think pruning can be done.Does Ume need a time of chilling,during the Winter,like other Prunus?

Never heard of ume , had to look it up.
Some say hardy to zone 6 , others to z8
But as Brady mentioned most temperate trees “ NEED “a minimum
Winter chill requirement , so many days below 40F or they will not wake up in the spring .
I don’t know much about ume .?

Yeah normally I think they would need chill hours, I figured since they’re only a few months old (I think 4 months younger than they would have been if I hadn’t immediately stratified and germinated them) I figured I’d leave one outside buried near the house in the pot, one buried in a raised bed with mulch, and bring one inside and see how they all do.

I’m sure they need some chill time for producing fruit, I don’t know about for seedlings under a year old so I wanted to hedge my bets.

Well ,? I just don’t know this plant.
But ,I gave some Pawpaw seedlings to a neighbor, who kept them In side for the winter . They went dormant but never leafed out again. Most temperate trees need that winter chill to resume growth in the spring. Not just Pawpaw , but “ Most “ temperate trees. ( I think this ume may be one ?)
It’s tempting ,to bring things inside , where it’s warmer…
Somethings are best left outside ( but protected ?) …mulched .
Hard love !
Don’t kill with kindness?
Good luck !

Yes I agree. I think if the 1 that I brought inside loses its leaves and goes dormant I’ll bring it outside and bury the pot, but otherwise I’ll see if I can have it continue growth inside

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