Brix vs el cheapos

Has anyone compared the accuracy/reliability of el cheapo 25 buck Brix meters vs the expensive 400buck ones? Curious about the difference in measuring sugar levels.

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Brix meter that works great for me. 64 years old and still works great. Not even 1 canker sore IMG_0385


Save your money. The inexpensive ones work fine and, if you are concerned, you can calibrate them easily.

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:joy: i used to think Brix meters were too over the top nerdy but in retrospect, they could come in handy when collaborating with people hunting fruits.

For example, i located my old town’s sapodilla that the owner was raving about coz it was so “sweet and delicious”… His neighbors lined up every Xmas season to get their yearly samples of the said fruit. When I finally got a taste of it tho, it turned out to be so cloying sweet, i just couldn’t taste the other interesting unique flavors of what I consider a “superior sapodilla”… Imagine if i was in another town hours away. I probably would’ve made much more effort to taste it, only to be disappointed. Assuming the Brix meter works as i expect it to, it would save me so much trouble if the tree owner had one and measured it beforehand…

Do Sapodillas have enough juice to measure the brix?

From my recollection, yes, you can squeeze juice to measure brix of ripe sapodillas. Unripe sapodillas are astringent. I do like them because good one are quite aromatic. They are very sweet indeed.