Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB)

Anybody have any successful techniques for dealing with the BMSB? They seem to be a bigger problem every year. I’m going to use traps this year but would like to know if there are other approaches I should consider.

Where are you at applefarmer? I feel as if the BMSB in Virginia has gotten a little better over the last couple of years (knock on wood).

Maybe they’ve migrated to North Carolina. I’m a bit north of Durham.

Over the past few years a special local needs registration has been issued in NC for chemicals effective against BMSD on Apples. The registration normally arrives in July. Venum or Scorpion plus some type of pyrethrum which I can’t remember the name of were issued in the past

All of these chemicals may all be restricted use

Have you tried Surround? We have seen them in Western Wa now, and I am wondering what others do. I use a combination of Surround with Bonide Fruit tree spray to combat codling moth and apple fly maggot. So far I have not seen much damage.