Brown Tomatoes


Okay, thanks. Our tomato plants are pretty much done, they’re just about blighted out and choked with weeds. There’s a few fruit left to ripen, but I’ll prob be pulling them in a few weeks. Same for our green beans.

But, we did have a great tomato harvest, out of 40 plants we picked maybe 150lb of fruit of them. We canned about 20qt from them, and made 11 pints of salsa.

I thought it was, but never have seen one that looks like that. Our acorns are rounder and smaller. Do y’all use them, like make flour out of them?


Ah, blight…sigh. Not a bad year for blight here, plants all still green. Yes, we put acorn flour ( or chestnut flour) in breads. Quite nice addition to the flavour.

We won’t get the same yields from tomatoes here, not enough frost free days. Frost could come any time now, but 3 weeks from now is more usual. We are in the Gulf of St Lawrence, so protected from fall frosts, but a long, slow spring.


I’m surprised your plants seem to be so far behind ours. I know we’re in different climates, but it seems like yours would be further along. When did you plant yours out? We were late this year, I think we planted out the first week of June because of frosts in May.


I put them out about the 15th of June, and it was cold and cloudy all June. Then, we get about 17 hours of sun for June and July, and the plants grow huge before setting blooms. Just different. Even large plants in bloom, in a big pot before setting them out, will have only a few blooms in early June, many more by July…and 6 weeks later, we have tomatoes coming out our ears…grin…a lot of tomatoes. Heavy bloom still, but the frost will get some of those.


Cherokee Carbon is a hybrid of Cherokee Purple.
Almost as big and ripens a few days earlier. Color is more brown than purple. It’s one that I like


Oh, that sounds good:) earlier would be a big help here…PEI.