Browning leaves--apple mosaic virus?

I planted an Aerlie Red Flesh apple tree this spring in my yard. Around midsummer it started developing a pattern of brown on some of the leaves (see pics). It was definitely drought conditions this summer, but we watered generously (though may have missed some periods when vacationing). I recently learned about apple mosaic virus and it got me a little panicked about the possibility of my new tree (which I hope to grow to standard size, and graft a couple different varieties on to) being infected.
This picture was taken at the beginning of September. To be honest I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to the browning before then as I figured it was just the drought, but I asked my husband whose window looks out on it and he says the brown patches did not start as white (as might have been from AMV) but just as smaller brown patches near the middle that gradually expanded.

Does this look like AMV to you? Or another disease? Or just regular like a regular apple afflicted by drought conditions (which I thought usually starts on tips)?

If its diseased then I may be best to rip it out now and start fresh. I’d rather lose one year only than a bunch when I see it again a few years in.

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I forgot to mention I live in Victoria British Columbia, which is zone 9.

It may be only cedar rust which is no big deal. Check to see if you have arborvitae or cedar trees nearby. Also check your neighbors to see if they have apple trees or cedars
Kent wa

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Looks like CAR to me as well. My GoldRush got it bad its first year nothing else I planted seemed to care. There’s an old, diseased cedar and a bunch of dying arborvitae in the two adjacent yards. If it could kill those trees I’d be quite grateful as they shade out a quarter of my yard. I’m just spraying for it going forward.

Hmm…thank you Dennis. Just looking that up…what a funky disease! It’s likely we’ve got some cedars in the neighbours yard, I’ll have a closer look tomorrow. However I don’t think the symptoms quite fit–cedar rust looks very spotty and yellow, whereas this was more brown and splotchy.

Looking further on the internet I’d say they more closely match either Glomerella Leaf Blight or magnesium deficiency. In either case, they’d be manageable disease so no need to pull up my baby tree. Yay!

Open to hearing other assessments though.

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What are you spraying with?

Mycobutanil (“Immunox” is the brand name by whoever makes it). My very brief research indicates Mancozeb is effective on both CAR and GLB, but I haven’t used it personally.

It is not apple mosaic virus which causes leaves to be splotched with white, and even if it was, in my experience the virus has not been a big deal and is not very contagious. But I’m sure it isn’t your problem anyway. Apple mosaic virus - Integrated Pest Management

Brown like that isn’t something I worry about, it can even come from pesticide burn. The question is whether new vigorous growth is continuing with healthy looking leaves.

It doesn’t look like cedar apple rust to me either. It is called a rust for a reason. cedear apple rust disease- photo at DuckDuckGo


A previous comment indicated arbor vitaes could be a source for cedar apple rust. That is incorrect. Only members of the juniper family can do that. Just wanted to set the record straight.


And the junipers in the area are probably landscape shrubbery rather than large native trees…but could still carry CAR.

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Thank you all for your help.