Buckeye Gala and ACN

The ad on the back of the Good Fruit Grower for Buckeye Gala peaked my interest. Adams County Nursery propagates it but they dont seem to be open for orders yet.

So question is…does anyone know when ACN online opens for the 2016 season?

They are taking orders, just not through the website. Not sure what the holdup is with the website. I can probably save you some money if you were just going to just order one tree. I have a large order in place with them already

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I had some Buckeye Gala at a local PYO orchard a few weeks back, honestly I wasn’t too impressed.

Hmmm. Well we will have to see how it tastes here. IMHO Gala’s arent anything other than a middle of the road apple. Buckeye Gala doesnt claim to taste any different than a standard gala, it just colors better. And while that doesnt matter to us fruit geeks, to my customers its a plus. The apples that will grow here are mostly green with some having a slight red blush but not much. We are looking for a apple that will color fully and have decent eating quality. Buckeye Gala may just be it.

Its a sad truth that people generally care more about how a fruit looks than how it tastes.

We picked Crimson Crisp at the same time, which had better color and flavor. Not sure if they’ll do well for your climate, though. But you are right, Gala has name recognition and the appearance. At least it’s not Red Delicious!

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Learned that the hard way too. The last year we grew squash,(60 acres) we tried a 1/4 acre patch of small warty gourds. That along with bunched statice made the most money. People will pay more for what they look at than what they eat, taste be damned.

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