I’ve seen little mention here of the Buckingham (Queen) apple, although Lee Calhoun called it the quintessential Southern apple. Anyone grow it and recommend it? Has anyone North of the Mason-Dixon Line or on the West Coast attempted to grow it?

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I do not have any personal experience, but Salt Springs Apple Company in British Columbia apparently grows Buckingham. Here is their description (it’s mostly on the historical side, so not a lot of detail on how it behaves in more northern areas, but apparently well enough for them to grow it):

Their variety descriptions are a fun read in general.

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I grafted it several places here in 7B Maryland. Seemed to be a fire blight magnet so I got rid of it. Same with Junaluska, another Cherokee apple. Never got a Buckingham apple to eat. I’m a no-spray bagger so if you spray for blight you might do better.