Buds not leafing, green bark

I have two cherries and one pear grafted last year & grew well, but buds this spring are just sitting there not doing anything. I did lose several trees/grafts over winter. so could be cold injury. But the bark on both grafts and rootstock are green. If I nip off a bud it is green underneath. Everything else around is well leafed, and post bloom. Rootstocks are all growing from base. Anything I can do to help the trees? Other than just be patient and hope some they grow?? We did graft one of the cherries to a good growing rootstock whip in case that might work.

I just found a post on old GardenWeb and it sounds like i jhst have to wait and there’s a chance they will still grow. But wondering if anyone else has had very delayed bud break, and did the tree do ok?
Thanks, Sue

I’ve got a couple trees in the same situation. I’m assuming they’ll eventually die, but who knows. I lost a few trees to winter injury as well.

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Maybe it’s just because we had such a long, cold winter, and they’re taking their time waking up. My apple trees didnt start leafing out until mid or late April.

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