Bug ID

I have a bunch of bugs that seem to be swarming together in my veggie garden- are these stink bugs and should I kill them?


I’m no expert and not very good at looking at pictures, but my answer on that would be yes and yes.

The large ones, in particular, look like BMSB. The others are possibly different instars of the same. Took me awhile examining the photos, but I eventually saw the double banding in the antennae of some.

Big ID, Bug ID. You can edit your title if you want to change it.

My gut tells me to kill them, I just wanted to make sure.
Any idea why they are swarming together?

Squash bugs:

I think Clint’s right that they look more like squash bugs than BMSB. Here’s a pic of stink bugs aggregating Like I said, I’m terrible at looking at things in pics, but you can compare the different pics to your bugs. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Squash bugs. Kill 'em.

Thanks for the input- consider them squashed !

Did they cause wilt on any of your plants or did you catch them in time? I just now read this and know how much damage they can do in just a couple of hours from experience,

They didn’t seem to do much damage. Most of the squash had already been harvested and the plants themselves seem to be dying back naturally, along with my pumpkins. Grew a giant pumpkin for the pumpkin regatta- yes, turning it into a boat and racing it across the harbor :slight_smile:


Yep, the pumpkin regatta is a thing:


Great picture- I have been to the regatta the past three years in Wiscasset but this is the first year I’m entering.

How hard is it to grow a giant squash pumpkin? Do you have any extra seeds?

This was my first year growing these “giant pumpkins” and mine didn’t grow large enough (only the size of a wheel on a car)- I made a lot of mistakes but Im ready for next growing season! They give seedlings out for free in the early spring which is where I got mine. They said they grow extra large ones and that I can still enter with one of there giant pumpkins but I will need to do all the work involved with cleaning it out/decorating it ect.
Id be happy to share my seeds :slight_smile: shoot me a message at jeremiahappleseed@gmail.com

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Best wishes in the regatta, Jeremiah. Have a blast!

You guys in Maine sure appear to be a hardy lot. I’d be the kind who would need a wetsuit in order to paddle in that kind of weather. At least you won’t have to watch out for alligators.

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Definitely no gators! I like the wet suit idea … I will post pictures of the event

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Need help on id of this bug, they are swarming one of my apple trees. Dont THINK it is a stonk bug, but may be wrong…

It looks like a wheel bug, beneficial predator but be careful around them they have a very nasty bite.


Oh thank you @hoosierbanana! I am pretty up on my bugs, but have never heard of that one! We will certainly leave them alone, amd allow them to keep assassinating!

One of the good ones… assassin bug nymph


what is this?

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