Bulk herbal supplements / making capsules


Many of us grow our own cooking herbs to save money. Some of us grow the herbs we use medicinally e.g… Mullein. There are always going to be some crop failures and ofcourse some herbs we can’t grow locally. In those cases remember The thread where I discussed getting herbs Bulk Fruit, Spices, sweetness & Nuts eg sausage maker, amazon etc…The two herbs I don’t grow locally that I buy in bulk by the pound and use are moringa and acai. This week I wanted to share how I save a lot of money using those pounds of herbs. So typically I buy 0 capsules off Amazon and put together my own capsules instead of buying them. Savings in some cases is $50 for 10 minutes of easy work. I will update this thread later this year when aronia, Echinacea, Mullen etc are closer to harvest. Let’s say a bottle of good moringa capsules is $40 and there are 50 capsules but a pound of moringa is $11 and the empty capsules are $7 per thousand I’m not sure how you couldn’t come out ahead by buying in bulk. You will need a pill block like the one shown to load the capsules. 0 is larger so 00 is smaller as an example and so on. What herbs are you growing? Anyone else saving money buying bulk like this?



I buy Mullein leaf, which I use in teas for my asthma. Most herbs, roots or leaves that I use for tea or food spices, I buy in bulk. Never made pills with them though. I’m not much of a pill taker.


I haven’t done this at all. I am very interested though and would be very appreciative to follow your thread and gain all the knowledge I can about this! TY…


I hate to always be the wet blanket. But why do you need the capsule? I don’t eat anything in a capsule. Just sprinkle a little on whatever you’re eating like oatmeal or almost anything. Or if you like the taste a little spoonful would suit me more. Shoot it might be so good I’d grab a big spoon.

Who knows what’s in that capsule. It looks like eating plastic to me.


I agree with you but I’m on the go a lot during the week and grab them on my way out the door to stay healthy because I can’t always eat right. Those capsules are just gelatin.


You are a busy guy…!!